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The Ceremony of Minerval and First Degree, by Aleister Crowley

Rotating Compass & Square

by Aleister Crowley


[Note: Crowley wrote this essay before he made the final revisions to the I ritual. The I portion of this essay included a discussion of Masonic symbols which do not occur in the current version of the I ritual. The I portion of this essay has, therefore, been edited to conform to the symbolism used in the current version of the I ritual. The edited material is given in square brackets. The original essay is preserved in the O.T.O. archives.]


The Ceremony of Minerval, in appearance trivial and formal, contains a doctrine of substantial occult significance. The Candidate before admission is bound by an obligation in which he recognizes Baphomet as the Supreme Authority. This represents the free choice of a free will to submit itself to the magical formula represented by Baphomet. The Candidate is seized, blindfolded and


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They add also to the number 61, a prime number whose 6 and 1 suggest the hexagram, the symbol of the Sun, which is often represented by a six rayed star with a yod in the middle. 61 also represents the word for "nonexistent," for "towards" and for "I myself." Read in conjunction these words explain the formulation of the negative in the ego. 61 also represents the Hebrew word for "womb" and that for a "little habitation."


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