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Freemasonry Watch

NSW Reverend Accused of Freemasonry by NSW Reverend

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Blue Mountain Gazette - New South Wales, Australia

An almighty altercation



The NSW Upper House battle between the Reverend Fred Nile and his former Christian Democrat colleague, the the Reverend Gordon Moyes, has turned from bloody to bizarre with the revelation that Moyes "would accept an invitation" to join Family First were one to be extended. This after his expulsion from the Nile-lead party was upheld on appeal at a meeting on Saturday.

Moyes wrote in a newsletter that during the meeting he was accused of Freemasonry, divination (on the grounds that he predicted Barack Obama's victory), witchcraft and membership of the Theosophical Society (this is the mob that built the amphitheatre at Balmoral Beach in order to welcome Christ when He walked through Sydney Heads.)

Nile yesterday denied such allegations were raised. He told The Diary he remembered some discussion of Freemasonry, but couldn't recall any mention of divination or witchcraft. Nile said Moyes was expelled for ongoing criticism "of the party and of it's leader, me". He said tension had increased when Moyes returned from a trip to the US with suspiciously moderate views on Obama and abortion. Moyes declined to comment.

Family First's federal chairman, Bob Day, confirmed he'd had an "informal" chat with Moyes last week. Late yesterday Nile also released a newsletter. It began: "I thank Almighty God for the unity and faithfulness of the delegates who attended our first ever special general council meeting to hear the right of appeal by the Rev Moyes."

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