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Freemasonry Watch

Iowa Gazettte: Socialist revolution threatens the world

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The Gazettte - Iowa

Socialist revolution threatens the world

18 December 2012

Letters to the Editor

Of interest this year is the ancient Mayan Indian calendar, which abruptly ceased to compile chronological data beyond 2012. It may be because their civilization was prematurely terminated, or perhaps it does represent a prophetic omen.

If the latter, the fact that America has elected a political subversion/moral perversion as its lifestyle of choice for another term has undoubtedly placed us in the crosshairs of divine indignation and ultimate judgment. That, along with the academically deficient, morally defunct public school system.

In 1782, the world’s two oldest and largest occult secret societies/fraternities, the Orders of the Illuminati and Freemasonry, officially merged and proceeded to formulate a 100-year plan for creating a world socialist revolution: the fomenting of three world wars, which began implementation in 1913 and is to culminate in 2013.

The first conflict was to effectively eliminate the Royal Houses of Europe, which it did. The second was to establish a socialist/community superpower beachhead in Asia/Far East (i.e. Russia/China), which it has. The final conflict is to ignite a major nuclear conflagration, commencing in the Middle East between Arabs and Jews, which would ultimately involve all industrialized nations and destroy all existing national sovereign governments and world religions.

There is one tried and true way of potential escape: Repent.

There remains, however, an eternal trinity of truth: God still lives, and forgives, Jesus still saves, and the Bible still works. Checkmate.

Wendell Carr


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