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Plan to demolish Bermuda Freemasons Lodge

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The Royal Gazette - Bermuda

Plan to demolish Mayne's and Freemasons Lodge

January 3. 2009

By Amanda Dale

Mayne's Furniture store and a Freemasons Lodge could be demolished to make way for a six-storey office block.

Zorizons Development Ltd. has applied for planning permission for a commercial building at 60 and 62 King Street. The development would include two further basement levels and a rooftop mezzanine for mechanical plant and equipment.

The 7,710 sq ft office block would form an 'L' shaped configuration and offer commercial space for single tenant occupation on six storeys. The upper mezzanine would house mechanical plant and equipment, while the basement levels would be used for institutional and assembly space.

In a letter to the Planning Department, agent Conyers and Associates said: "We believe that this development would represent a significant improvement in the visual amenity of the site's general area and be consistent with the positive increase in commercial office facilities in the east side of the city."

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