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One Big Conspiracy

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Bay Area Metro Newspapers

Silicon Alleys

One Big Conspiracy

By Gary Singh

HOW DOES the Trilateral Commission intertwine with the New World Order, the Freemasons, the Bilderberg Group, the Knights of Malta, the European Union, Pepsi, Tyco and the Antichrist? Did a Luciferian Masonic Conspiracy sacrifice JFK at the 33rd parallel? Does the Cult of Isis run the U.S. Postal System? Are the Illuminati using the ionosphere to control society via holographs? Did the Knights Templar really dissolve with Jacques de Molay's execution in 1314? Is the Barbie Doll industry secretly connected to the new Hitler Youth movement?

These questions may or may not be answered at this weekend's Conspiracy Con 2005 conference at the Westin Hotel in Santa Clara—a perfect way to spend a Memorial Day weekend. According to the poster, "Nine of the world's most controversial speakers" will convene in the S.F. Bay Area this weekend. Michael Tsarion, founder of the Taroscopic Mystery School, will speak on "The Origins of Evil, and the Future of Mankind." His website says that, as an "expert on Stellar Astrology, he is the creator of the Archetypal Stellar Taroscopic™ Astrological system of Hermetic Divination, and founder of the online Taroscopic Mystery School." Tsarion also penned the book, Atlantis, Alien Visitation & Genetic Manipulation.

Journalist Daniel Hopsicker, author of Welcome to TerrorLand: Mohamed Atta & the 9-11 Cover-up in Florida, will speak on precisely that. His team actually went out and found a gal who dated Mohamed Atta in Venice, Fla. After she dumped him, he supposedly slaughtered all of her cats and left them in pieces throughout her apartment. Ever hear that one in the mainstream press? Betcha didn't.

Retired Phoenix police officer Jack McLamb heads "Police and Military Against the New World Order," whose goal is to "prevent our brothers and sisters in uniform from being unwittingly used to enslave the people of free nations under the anti-God, anti-Freedom (United Nations-led) world government system." McLamb will reflect on 30 years of serving in law enforcement and the military. Author, comedian and social activist Dick Gregory will also give workshops. His presence, like that of Elijah and John the Baptist, is being hailed as a "once-in-a-two-thousand-year event."

Whether you believe them or not, conspiracy theories are damn good fun. After refreshing my memory about Masonry's influence on the founding of the USA with David Ovason's book, The Secret Architecture of Our Nation's Capital, I got to thinking. Ovason's thesis is that the founding of Washington, D.C., was directly linked to sacred geometry, astrology, zodiacs and Masonic ideology, right down to how they laid out the streets and the monuments. He gives diagrams of D.C. streets that were supposedly designed to synchronize with certain constellations. Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh make the same argument in The Temple and the Lodge.

But what about San Jose? If you actually go back and look at the original diagrams for St. James Park—the diagonal and peripheral walkways—there just might be some occult symbology buried in there somewhere (see www.preservation.org/stjames.html). Wouldn't that be nice? Frederick Law Olmsted laid out these walkways in the 1860s. He also did the landscape design for Stanford—you know, where Palm Drive bisects Roth Way at the oval of the main quadrangle, forming a gigantic ankh. The ankh is the symbolic representation of both physical and eternal life—the original cross going back to ancient Egypt.

Let me also remind you that San Jose's first City Council included several Freemasons, a fact Clyde Arbuckle curiously left out of his legendary San Jose history book. Actually, he himself is listed as a 32° Mason on page 255 of the 1960 book, California's First Century of Scottish Rite Masonry. Maybe the entire history of Silicon Valley is rooted in occultism and we just never knew it. Maybe there exists a secret underground passageway connecting Rosicrucian Park with the new San Jose City Hall and the Masonic Lodge off Curtner and Highway 87. I guess you'll just have to ask the Rosicrucians yourself.

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