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Saudis in Switzerland Raise Questions - 9/11

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With Carl Limbacher and NewsMax.com Staff
For the story behind the story...

Friday, Sept. 28, 2001 4:48 p.m. EDT

Saudis in Switzerland Raise Questions

A report from Debka, a Jerusalem-based news service, that Saudi King Fahd had left his kingdom for the safety of Switzerland soon after Sept. 11 raised serious questions about the worries some Gulf states may have over the present crisis.

Additional concern was added after the Emir of Kuwait suddenly developed "health" problems after the Sept. 11 attacks and was airlifted to London.

A Saudi journalist based in Washington tells NewsMax that claims King Fahd has left Saudi Arabia are simply "rubbish."

Checking with Swiss sources, NewsMax has learned there has been a sudden increase in the number of Saudi nationals present there.

Saudis and other Gulf state citizens are usually found in Switzerland and other European cities in high numbers during the hot summer months.

One reason for the increased activity in Geneva may be the recent arrival of King Fahd's brother, who has checked into a Cantonal hospital.

His immediate party is taking up one full floor at the Hotel Intercontinental.

Other Saudi princes are said to be joining him for his stay and have been filling out rooms at the Hotel President Wilson.

The Saudi party has already commandeered more than 150 limousines - these guys know how to hold a party!

Perhaps the large influx of Gulf princes is nothing unusual. Still, a columnist with one of the Geneva dailies is claiming that King Fahd is indeed in the city.

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