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Tennessee University student cites Mason symbols on dollar bill in Ten Commandment display debate

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University of Tennessee Student Newspaper

Tolerance key in Commandment debate

Issue date: 2/8/07 Section: Opinions

Letter to the Editor

Our founding fathers did not write a 'freedom from religion' in our Constitution, nor was it ever 'implied.' They wanted us to have the same freedoms that they themselves practiced. They quoted the Bible during over 10,000 sessions, and they were all on government lands as they did so. They opened and closed every session with prayers to God, even though they all held different beliefs. Our founding fathers did not fear 'offending' others with an open show of their beliefs when they stood on government-owned lands, as the freedom of speech is an offensive thing. The freedom of speech is the freedom to debate and disagree, on any issue, even religion.

The real issue here is that tolerance is expected from those that disagree and become offended. Tolerance of others' beliefs systems and ideals. There was to be an open discussion, and representation, from all, even though they disagree. If real tolerance is being practiced then this would happen, instead of the ever wished for censorship by those that do not understand freedom of speech.

Also, since other religions are already being represented on government lands, then to not allow Christianity to be represented is discrimination. The Eye Of Horus, a Wiccan and Freemason deity from Egypt, worshiped by the New Age movement, is on our one dollar bill, and the Federal Court House in Nashville. The Obelisk, the Washington Monument, is a symbol for the Wiccan and Freemason deity Osiris from Egyptian religious beliefs, and is represented on the Murfreesboro courthouse lawn. The Statue of Liberty is the Wiccan goddess Ishtar, also from Egyptian religious beliefs. The state seals are also mostly Wiccan goddesses. The Parthenon is covered with gods and goddesses of the new age movement as well. If you do not understand these are New Age deities of Wicca and Freemasonry, contact the MTSU Student Pagan organization on campus to discuss what neo-pagan gods they worship.

It is discrimination to not allow the representations of other religions besides the freemasons', wicca, and the new age movement.

Carrie Scoggins

Bigsby Creek Rd, Cleveland, TN

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