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Tubal Cain, Pass Grip of a Master Mason: Use in Witchcraft Covens

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Tubal Cain, Pass Grip of a Master Mason


Cochrane's Craft

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The Clan of Tubal Cain worshipped a Horned God and a Triple Goddess, much akin to the Bricket Wood coven that Gerald Gardner had recently founded. The Goddess was viewed as "the White Goddess", a term taken from Robert Graves' book of the same name. The God was associated with fire, the underworld and time, and was described as "the goat-god of fire, craft, lower magics, fertility and death". The God was known by several names, most notable Tubal Cain, Bran, Wayland and Herne. Cochrane's tradition held that these two deities had a son, the Horn Child, who was a young sun god.[6]

However, differences between the two also existed, for instance Gardnerians always worked skyclad, or naked, whereas Cochrane's followers wore black hooded robes. Similarly, Cochrane's coven did not practice scourging, as Gardner's did. Cochrane himself disliked Gardner and the Gardnerians and often ridiculed them, even coining the term "Gardnerian" himself.[7]

Whilst they used ritual tools, they differed somewhat from those used by Gardner's coven. The main five tools in Cochrane's Craft were a ritual knife (known as an athame), a staff known as a stang (according to Ronald Hutton's Triumph of the Moon, Bowers is responsible for the introduction of this into Wicca), a cup, a stone (used as a whetstone to sharpen the knife), and a ritual cord worn by the coven members.[8] Cochrane never made use of a Book of Shadows or similar such books, but worked from a "traditional way of doing things", which was both "spontaneous and shamanistic".[1]

Cochrane's craft tried to blend both traditional witchcraft practices that he claimed were followed by the traditional Witch-cult, but also Celtic mysticism, that he believed the ancient Druids had practiced.

In 1963, Cochrane anonymously published an article in the Spiritualist newspaper Psychic News (9th November issue) entitled "Genuine Witchcraft is Defended". In it, he stated that:

I am a witch descended from a family of witches. Genuine witchcraft is not paganism, though it retains the memory of ancient faiths... [Witchcraft is] the last real mystery cult to survive, with a very complex and evolved philosophy that has strong affinities with many Christian beliefs. The concept of a sacrificial god was not new to the ancient world; it is not new to a witch... I come from an old witch family. My mother told me of things that had been told to her grandmother by her grandmother. I have two ancestors who died by hanging for the practice of witchcraft.[9]
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