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Nov. 23, 2005

TORONTO, November 23: VisionTV and Arcadia Entertainment of Canada and Parthenon Entertainment of the U.K. will begin principal photography next week on three one-hour documentaries that will delve into the mysteries of Freemasonry.

The documentaries are designed so that they may be packaged as a three-part series or broadcast separately. Parthenon Entertainment will handle worldwide distribution.

Arcadia Entertainment president John Wesley Chisholm, who is a 32nd degree Scottish Rite Mason, has secured exclusive access to Masonic sites around the world for the project. The three films will reveal the ancient rites and practices of the world's oldest and largest secret society, and will examine the many legends and rumors that still surround Freemasonry.

Alberta Nokes, VisionTV's director of independent production, noted that the public fascination with Freemasonry has surged dramatically since the publication of author Dan Brown's best-selling thriller The Da Vinci Code, in which the order plays a notable role. Brown's next novel will focus entirely on the Freemasons.

VisionTV has scheduled the Canadian television premiere of the first documentary, Did Freemasons Make the Modern World?, to coincide with the May, 2006 release of the Columbia Pictures feature film adaptation of The Da Vinci Code.

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