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Westminster Presbytery Rules that Freemasons May Not Serve as Elders in Presbyterian Church in America

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NR #1995-049: For Immediate Release

Westminster Presbytery Rules that Freemasons May Not Serve as Elders in Presbyterian Church in America

by Frank Smith, Editor, PCA News
Distributed by United Reformed News Service

(May 25, 1995) PCA/N - At a May 12 called meeting, Westminster Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church in America upheld a complaint from Elder Clarence Witcher against the session of Edgemont Presbyterian Church in Bristol, Tennessee. The church, which has a rotation system for officers, had approved to stand for election an inactive elder who is a Freemason.

The presbytery sustained two of the four points of the complaint. It first annulled the approval of the man in question, and then adopted this statement: "The Session's actions of communicating to the congregation matters and positions which are out of accord with Scripture and the councils of the General Assembly and Westminster Presbytery constitute a dereliction of duty." Both of these presbytery actions were approved on voice vote by large margins. No action was taken on items three and four, which allege "a contempt of court on matters previously tried in the higher court of Westminster Presbytery" and that "the Session's actions constitute a public offense." Presbytery adopted a further motion, making explicit the fact that "by sustaining the Complaint and annulling the Session's action,... [the man in question] is no longer able to serve as an active member of the Session."

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Rev. Larry Ball, Stated Clerk, Westminster Presbytery
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Rev. William T. Osterhaus, Pastor, Edgemont Presbyterian Church
1013 Edgemont Ave., Bristol, TN 37620 * O: (615) 652-2213 * H: (615) 323-4799

Dr. Frank Smith, Editor, PCA News
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