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Wtfrly.com: TMZ Employee Has Masonic Logo For Computer Background, Displayed During Justin Bieber Story Broadcast

g and compass


TMZ Employee Has Masonic Logo For Computer Background, Displayed During Broadcast

July 20, 2013

| WTF News |

WTF News just reports the news, so make of it what you will, as a supporter sent these screenshots in to the Illuminati Exposed Facebook page. Seen below, the employee’s computer desktop background emblazoned with the masonic compass logo was shown on camera for 2 brief intervals.

Justin Bieber Masonic Logo TMZ

Justin Bieber Masonic Logo TMZ

The possibilities so some clown doesn’t say WTF News thinks “everything is Illuminati”

1. It was some kind of “accident”
2. A joke
3. The employee is a “mason” (that doesn’t know s**t)
4. He’s a mason that knows “something”
5. The head of TMZ wanted to get in on the fun of all the stars flashing “Illuminati” hand signs and imagery to see which media outlets (or bloggers) caught it.
6. TMZ keenly placed the compass logo there purposely for “other” reasons.

Whatever the reason, at least it is not as blatant as the MTV Canada website background seen below. The same masonic compass logo is prominently featured in the middle of the background, but it is hidden by the main page content. The same possible reasons as above apply but more to the point, why would this have to be included in the page background if no one can see it? WTF News asked MTV way back in September 2012 and we’re still waiting for an answer.

Justin Bieber Masonic Logo TMZ

As an extra piece of info, MTV had been occupying a Masonic Lodge turned concert venue in Toronto, called the Masonic Temple.

During the MTV days

Justin Bieber Masonic Logo TMZ

The nameplate

Justin Bieber Masonic Logo TMZ

Masonic compass

Justin Bieber Masonic Logo TMZ

The “special” red room

Justin Bieber Masonic Logo TMZ

From Wikipedia

The Masonic Temple is a six-storey building located at 888 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (on the north-west corner of Davenport Road and Yonge Street).

Construction began November 2, 1916 when the contract was signed and approved by the Board of The Masonic Temple Company for the tearing down of an existing church and excavation. The Masonic ceremony of laying the cornerstone occurring November 17, 1917 and the first Lodge meeting taking place on New Year’s Day, 1918.[2] At its peak, the Masonic Temple was home to 38 different Masonic bodies: 27 Craft Lodges, six Chapters (York Rite), two Preceptories (Knights Templar), two Scottish Rite Bodies and Adoniram Council.[2]

In the years before its sale to CTV, the building housed live music clubs known as The Concert Hall, and earlier, in the late 1960s, The Rockpile, a sitting-on-the-floor style concert venue which featured not only showcases for top local talent, but appearances by major international recording stars, including Toronto’s first Led Zeppelin concert on February 2, 1969, during the band’s inaugural North American Tour.

Although the location remained historically significant and was added to the City of Toronto’s Inventory of Heritage Properties in 1974, the building has changed hands a number of times. In 1997, it was threatened with demolition: a developer had planned a new highrise residential building marketed to Asians, solely to exploit its “lucky” address of 888 Yonge Street.;[3] but it was designated under the Ontario Heritage Act that same year.[3]

Also in the 1990s, the studio was the home of Open Mike with Mike Bullard, and was one of CTV Toronto’s news bureaus. Also, notably, it has been rented as a rehearsal space by the Rolling Stones. From March 2006, the building became the broadcast home of the new MTV Canada and has hosted the Polaris Music Prize since 2009.

The building’s fate was once again placed under a cloud on November 2, 2012 when Bell Media announced the moving of MTV Canada studio production to 299 Queen Street West and that the building would be sold, possibly for condominiums.[3] Bell Media officially listed the property for sale on March 4, 2013.[4] On June 17, 2013, the building was purchased by the Info-Tech Research Group.[1] Info-Tech announced that its plans for the building include staging an annual charity rock concert in the auditorium.[5]

Notable shows via blogTO

The first meetings were held on New Year’s Day 1918 but in just over 12 years the building had been turned into a dedicated music hall. Known as the Rockpile in the 1960s, the Masonic Temple was the venue for Led Zeppelin’s first Toronto show on their inaugural North American tour. Since then, it has hosted Soundgarden, Black Sabbath, David Bowie, The Pixies, The Pogues, Smashing Pumpkins, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam, Tin Machine, and multiple Polaris Music Prize galas.

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