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Diario de Noticias - Portugal: Church forbids Catholics from being Masons

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Diario de Noticias - Portugal

Church forbids Catholics from being Masons

14 novembro 2011

Freemasonry in Portugal - Great Research DN

Freemasonry, Portugal

The story was in charge of giving the Church a pet hate: Freemasonry. Vatican II opened the door to dialogue, but in Portugal, followed by an uncompromising statement Ratzinger and conflict sharpened seven years ago, with the funeral Nunes de Almeida. Bishop Emeritus accuse Freemasonry of wanting to control society

Here's what they say the highest figures of the church:

- "The faithful who belong to Masonic associations are in grave sin," he wrote, in 83, the current pope, Joseph Ratzinger

- "The search for influence of Freemasonry in sectors of Portuguese life, coupled with the PS, is known," says D. Antonio Marcelino

- "A Catholic, aware of its faith and celebrating the Eucharist can not be a Freemason," says D. José Policarpo

Read all the details in the e-paper of DN.

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