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Joseph Bonaparte encouraged the spread of the lodge in Spain, and the aggressively political and anticlerical Spanish lodges contributed to Spanish unrest for decades. In neighboring Portugal, Masonic politicians gained control of the nation in 1910 and set up a republic with the following provisions:
Ministers of religion shall have no part in the parochial lay corporations or associations in charge of temporal affairs. A minister of religion who criticizes or attacks any of the acts of a public authority or the form of government or the laws of the Republic or any of the provisions of the present law will be punishible by law. Church property shall belong to the State, but shall be loaned to the Church. The wearing of the clerical habit outside of the churches and ceremonies is prohibited. It is also prohibited to publish in any way by word or deed, any bulls, decrees, or communications from the Roman Curia, or prelates, or others, without explicit permission from the civil authorities. The state will have charge of naming and approving the professors in ecclesiastical seminaries for the training of priests and will determine the textbooks and courses of study therein. No Jesuits or other monastic orders or religious congregations shall be admitted into Portugese territory. All Jesuits, whether alien, or naturalized citizens, or natives, are expelled, and all their real or personal property is confiscated. As for the members of other religious orders, if they are aliens or naturalized citizens, they are likewise to be expelled, and if they are natives, they must return to secular life, or at least may not live in community, and shall not be allowed to exercise the teaching profession or intervene in any way in education.
Christianity and American Freemasonry
Ignatius Press 1958, 1987, 1998

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