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Divine Appeal 57

Jesus's Revelations to Sr. Anna Ali

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Jesus's Revelations to Sr. Anna Ali


"I desire all to be saved."

"My daughter, give Me your company and pray a great deal. Spend these lonely hours to console and implore mercy for mankind. Look at Me in My tabernacles and you will understand to what extent I love mankind. The souls I love so much do not understand that it is My great Love for them that keeps Me day and night in My tabernacle. From My own….. I am so abused, blasphemed and ridiculed.

Understand this immense suffering in My Heart. To what extent could I have suffered for mankind! I desire to hold Me tightly in your heart. For the good of souls, love and obey."

"If they do not repent, the time is coming when I will only speak with My Judge’s Voice. From the ocean of My Mercy, I am calling everyone to transform their hearts in the shining light of My Truth. More and more, mankind is misled by….. to whom I entrusted souls to lead along My Path of Life and Truth….. have abused My very Gospel and finally they have decided to labour hard in order to abolish the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass! Their iniquity is repugnant! The freemasons shout ‘we do not want God….."

"What sorrow grieves My Heart! Many innocent souls are led to perdition as if I did not come into the world for humanity. In the Sacrament of My Love, I am never weary of souls. I desire all to be saved. I am so pleased by small hosts to atone for souls and make reparations."

"I bless you."

2.20 a.m., 25th December, 1987.

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