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Spanish Civil War

'...Spanish Leftists shoot at a statue of Jesus Christ...'

News Articles

Catholicculture.org - The Martyrs of Spain's Civil War: What was the role of Freemasonry in this anti-Catholic campaign?

Answers.com - The Martyrs of Spain: Anti-Clerical Atrocities in the Spanish Civil War

Novus Ordo Watch - Brothers All: Spanish Freemasonry cheers Francis’ New Encyclical on Human Fraternity - 08/10/2020

Church Militant - Spains Freemasons Acclaim Popes New Encyclical - 07/10/2020

Cuba News - The Cuban who became sovereign grand commander of freemasonry in Spain - 19/01/2020

Ex Utopia - Fidel Castro & The Curious Case of Freemasonry in Cuba - 19/12/2016

El Pais - Why did General Franco hate the freemasons so much? - 24/03/2016

The Mallorca Photo Blog: Freemasonry In Spain - 15/03/2010

Pietre-Stones - The History and 'Persecutions' of Spanish Freemasonry, by V.W. Bro. Martin I. Mcgregor, Grand Lecturer, Freemasons New Zealand - 19/07/2009

Europe News - Spain Socialists Proposes Ban Of All Religious Symbols From Public Space - 08/06/2009

Catholic News Agency - Spain Schools and Lay institutions request relics of Martyred Journalist murdered by Stalinist Freemason Junta in 1936 - 22/02/2008

World Socialist Website - Spain Catholic Church renews offensive against abortion rights - 06/02/2008

Zenit - Masonry, Atheism and Catholicism: Interview with Fr. Manuel Guerra Gómez author of 'The Masonic Plot' - 03/06/2007

Reuters - Spanish court halts transfer of Catalan war papers - 21/01/2006

The Spain Herald - The Coming Despotism - Just like the Masonic and Mexican PRI and the Masonic and Spanish Second Republic - 12/01/06

Aula El Mundo - Los masones: la historia de la sosiedad secreta mas poderosa | The Freemasons: History of the Most Powerful Secret Society - 28/02/2005

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