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Spain: The Coming Despotism

Just like the Masonic and Mexican PRI and the Masonic and Spanish Second Republic

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The Coming Despotism

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Federico Jiménez Losantos

Zapatero has already started his political party’s count down, which in essence means the creation of a new regime (just like the Masonic and Mexican PRI and the Masonic and Spanish Second Republic) in which the opposition is tolerated as long as it can never reach power or even share it with the perpetual big shots. This regime has two basic premises: it accepts a ferociously dictatorial legality in Catalonia and the creation of vaguely confederate regime in Spain as a whole –this last one is mere rhetoric because the autonomic regions controlled by the anti-Spanish nationalist and social-communist left, startiong with the Basque Country, assume a new Catalan-like legality, that is, despotic.

Last December 29th, just a day after remembering Erode’s throat cutting, Zapatero accepted Catalan be enforced by law in the land under the Catalan government, which means the idea of Spain and its citizens received a deadly blow. By getting rid of the Spanish nation as a source of legitimacy, Zapatero’s government and his nanny Polanco are also destroying the roots of our freedoms: that we are all equal before the law, that we can move around the country without having our kids suffer, the option to live as free beings in any corner of Spain. While the European Union gets rid of the age-old barriers between different nation-states, the oldest one, Spain, is building them within itself in a sort of dictatorship contest.

There is no innocent until proven guilty. No one can be fooled. The PRISA-PSOE alliance has started to change the regime in Spain taking painfully anti-democratic positions. The Spanish people are not asked about bumping off the Constitution with the Catalan Statue. Citizens are not asked about the dismantling of the State. The people cannot give their opinion about the end of Spanish economic solidarity. It makes sense. If someone on death row is given the chance to choose, he will of course try to arrest the executioner and free the other prisoners immediately.

The terrible left-wing manipulation machine built with the help of nationalist partners, partly thanks to Aznar’s ideological and media indifference, is going to work hard to get Spaniards to accept their disappearance, to support the active euthanasia they will suffer, as if it were a liberation and not a crime. Those who don’t surrender to this Balkans-style despotism modeled on the four party government in Catalonia (and which PRISA-PSOE wishes to implant all over Spain) will be said to be anti-democratic, pro-coup d’etat, pro-Franco, Nazi and other typical insults of this mummified left that is never the less corrupted. Zapatero expects to impose, with premeditation, a new regime that leaves out of the political game the half of Spain PP represents, just like in Catalonia. We are walking towards a dramatic situation: either Zapatero sinks or the nation sinks. There is an even more tragic possibility: that the sinking of the nation will drag along PRISA-PSOE and the nationalists, but… too late.

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