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Freemasonry in the Philippines

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Philippinestamps.net - Republic of the Philippines: Stamps and Postal History - Masonic Philately - 15/02/15

Journal Online - Masons in Quezon shootout probe urged to inhibit selves - 11/01/13

Business Mirror - Continue shaping PHL history, Lim challenges Freemasons - 19/12/12

Business World Weekender - Clash of the dogmas - 'Nevertheless, the history of Freemasonry in the Philippines is closely tied to politics' - 10/06/10

Catholic News Asia - Freemason politician denied Catholic burial - 25/05/10

Philippine Daily Inquirer - Illuminati, Freemasonry, anti-Christ, New World Order - 04/08/08

CBCP News - Archbishop reiterates Church position against Freemasonry - 13/05/08

Lifesite - UN and Planned Parenthood pushing mandatory two-child legislation in Phillipines - 29/01/08

Saipan Tribune - Philippine Grand Master Touts Masonry's Hidden Involvement In Politics & Revolutionary Conspiracies - 31/01/06

Pampanga Phillipines Sun Star - Cervantes: What, really, is freemasonry? How did it start? Part I - 19/02/05

Manilla Times - Revolutionary Leader Bonifacio a Freemason - 30/11/04

ABS-CBN - Freemasons endorse Presidential bid by Arroyo - 26/04/04

Statement of the Phillipine Hierarchy on Freemasonry

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