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The Globe & Globe: French morals, American justice, by Sis. Margaret Wente

The Bro. Dominque Strauss Kahn Case

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French morals, American justice

Margaret Wente

May. 19, 2011

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The French elites are in an advanced state of shock about the downfall of one of their own, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the man who was widely expected to be president. But the French elites are not like you and me. Instead of asking whether such a powerful, brilliant and successful man could be so coarse, reckless and stupid, theyíre outraged about the perp walk. How dare the Americans humiliate him so? Pictures of the great man in cuffs are indicative of ďa brutality, a violence, of an incredible cruelty,Ē declared Elisabeth Guigou, a former French justice minister. ďIím happy that we donít have the same judiciary system.Ē

Me too. The American system is infinitely more fair. In France, itís unimaginable that an immigrant hotel maid of no status could lodge an assault complaint against an ultra-alpha male and be taken seriously. Itís inconceivable that the French police would pull that man off a plane moments before it departed or pack him off to a dingy jail cell like a common criminal. Good for them. If DSK had made it out of the country, itís uncertain theyíd have been able to extradite him.

Of course, itís up to the American justice system to prove Mr. Strauss-Kahnís guilt or innocence, a job at which it is generally quite good. According to press reports, his lawyers wonít deny there was a sexual encounter in that $3,000 hotel room. Instead, theyíll argue that it was consensual.

Mr. Strauss-Kahnís sexual history was no secret among the French ruling class. But they didnít care, and the media studiously ignored it. It would have been considered in grotesque bad taste (and possibly illegal) to bring these matters up. Besides, a certain amount of libertinage has always been admired among the political class, as a sign of vigour.

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