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Masons behind drive around Da Vinci Code - Andrey Kurayev

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Interfax - Russia

Masons behind drive around Da Vinci Code - Andrey Kurayev

Moscow, May 22, Interfax - Deacon Andrey Kurayev, professor at Moscow Theological Academy and well-known Orthodox commentator, believes it is Masonic structures that stand behind the advertising campaign promoting the Da Vinci Code book.

‘The development around the novel can be described as none other than another volley in the age-old ‘cold war’ between the Masons and the Catholic Church. In the advertising campaign for the book by Mr. Brown a real Masonic structure working in our world has manifested itself’, Father Andrey said in an interview to Interfax.

He said ‘the advertising campaign which promoted first the book and then the film shows that very serious funds and resources have been invested in this project’.

‘These were hardly the personal means of the author of Da Vinci Code or his publishers’, Kurayev noted.

He stressed he was not inclined to see in whatever happens a result of the Masonic activity, while adding that ‘it would be idiotism to ignore the presence of these secret elite structures in the fabric of society beginning from the 18th century to this day’.

According to Kurayev, there are open Masonic publications ‘in which they commend themselves, and there are open recruit stations, such as Rotary Club and Lions Club’.

He believes one of the Masons’ aims is to ‘marginalize the traditional Christian Church’.

Commenting on Brown’s book, Kurayev notes that it is ‘a typical conspiracy work with the primary message that the world is ruled by secret lodges’.

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