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News & Research Articles

Kazahkstan/U.K. - Illuminati’s 'All Seeing Eye' spotted looming in the sky sends internet into meltdown - 07/09/2016

Sweden/Russia - Sputnik News: Truth Will Out - Freemasons Call the Shots in Swedish City - 04/05/2016

Freemasonry Watch Blog - U.S. Defense Secretary Bro. Ashton Carter: ‘We’ve seen increasingly unprofessional conduct by Russian forces’ (Freemason Gesture) (VIDEO) - 16/04/2016

Freemasonry Watch Blog - YouTube: Terrorists with US TOW-missile/ SYRIA - 16/04/2016

Freemasonry Watch Blog - CNN Moscow London Bureau Phil Black ‘Bio’ (Freemason Recognition Handsign Gesture’s [Cutsigns]) - 09/09/2015

Freemasonry Watch Blog - VIDEO: E.U. – Ukraine Association Agreement ‘sealed’ (Freemason Gestures Bro. José Manuel Barroso @ 00:48 & 00:55) - 24/06/2015

FW Post - Ukrainian president addresses Canadian Parliament a day after signing historic agreement with E.U. (Freemason Gesture Bro. Petro Poroshenko) - 25/03/2015

FW Post - Belarus: "Ukraine ceasefire deal agreed at Minsk talks" Zakharchenko confirms (Freemason Secret 'Cutsign' Gestures) - 25/03/2015

FW Post - VIDEO: Poroshenko, Obama, Cameron meet at N.A.T.O. summit (Freemason Gesture Bro. Petro Poroshenko) - 25/03/2015

Freemasonry Watch Blog - VIDEO: Putin, Poroshenko Shake Hands At Minsk Summit (Freemason Gestures Bro. Alexander Lukashenko) - 11/11/2014

Freemasonry Watch Blog - VIDEO: Press Conference – Formation of a state – 24 Aug 2014 (Freemason Gestures DPR Defense Min. V. Kononov & Prime Min. A. Zakharchenko) - 11/11/2014

Freemasonry Watch Blog - Ukraine’s Dystopian Descent into Military Dictatorship (Freemason Gesture Petro Poroshenko) - 20/08/2014

Russia - YouTube: Ukrainian General: Ukraine PM Yatsenyuk is a First Deputy Head of a Masonic Lodge in Ukraine (Video) - 07/11/2014

Belgium - Ria Novosti: Bilderberg conference – a meeting of true decision makers? (AUDIO) - 06/06/2014

Rubbishing Russia: The Sochi Olympic Games are over and many in ‘the west’ are gnashing their teeth because they weren’t an utter failure (Freemason Gesture Bro. Stephen Harper) - 25/04/2014

Syria Report: 'Militants' Massacre Christian Village Population

Bro. Lavrov: US pressuring Russia into passing UN resolution on Syria allowing military force - Get A Clue Watch

Freemasonry Watch Blog - Freemason Bro. Tony Blair demands Western intervention to overthrow Assad - 13/07/13

Freemasonry Watch Blog - Can Freemason David Cameron explain why he has put us on al-Qaeda’s side? - 15/06/13

Estonia - Estonia Public Broadcasting: Clerics Preach Freemason-less Clergy - 01/03/13

Russia/Italy/EU/US - Pravda: Professor Monti, the Magi of Qatar and 'the cash of civilizations: A unified Europe was the dream of many, since Napoleon - 24/12/12

Russia/Italy - Pravda - How Freemasonry United Italy - 13/12/12

FW Post - Freemason Marshalls of the Soviet Union - 31/08/2009

FW Post - Freemasonry and the Russian Revolution (VIDEO) - 16/04/2009

FW Post - Statue of Freemason Joseph Stalin - 12/04/2009

St. Petersburg Times - Today’s Russian Freemasons of a More Modest Order - 01/04/08

Armenia - AZG Armenian Daily: Grand Orient of France Official: 'Nothing in common with Anglo-Saxon Masons that "thrust their nose" in any business worldwide' - 24/04/07

Mosnews - Russian Bishop Accuses Church Leaders of Bowing Down to State, Freemasons and Antichrist - 01/03/07

Moldova Media - Two Moldovan MPs are members of a Masonic lodge - 04/10/06

Interfax - Masons behind drive around Da Vinci Code - 22/05/06

MosNews - Orthodox Muscovites Protest Against 1917 Masonic Conspiracy - 15/03/05

Ukraine - Mosnews.com: Ukrainian Parliamentarian Suggests Jailing Freemasons - 07/12/04

Kavkazcenter.com - Masonic Lily Sign being used by Chechen Rebel Leader - 27/06/04

Centurean2\’s Weblog - Trotsky and Lenin Freemasons

Freemasonry Watch - The Red Dragon and the Black Beast, Communism & Freemasonry - The Sun, the Moon, and the Master of the Lodge & the Involvement of the Rockefellers

The Yalta Betrayal - The Masonic Symphony

The 20th Century's Worst Crime Goes Unpunished: The souls of Bolshevism's millions of victims cried out for justice but for Brother Roosevelt Stalin still remained 'Uncle Joe'

Putting down the baggage: 200 Million Victims of the "Enlightenment" in last 80 years alone

Liberalism 101 - From Freemasonry to Communism, the gift that keeps on giving

PHOTO: Bro. Joseph Stalin speaking on 26 January 1924 to the All-Union Congress of Soviets


Freemasonry Watch Blog - Vineyard of the Saker Blog: Footage of the vaporized leftovers of the Ukie 79th Airborne Brigade #ukraine #donbass #cnn - 14/08/2014

Freemasonry Watch Blog - Updated & Mapped: Four Ukrainian Regular Army Brigades Encircled & Wiped Out in month long ‘Southern Cauldron’ Battle (1/3 of it’s peacetime main army units). Will Western & Ukrainian Press Report It? Will N.Y.T. update it’s map? - 10/08/2014

Freemasonry Watch Blog - Vice News: Russian Civilians Suffer from Bloody Military Campaign (VIDEO) - 25/07/2014

Freemasonry Watch Blog - Newsmax ‘TV’: Lt. Col. Bro. Oliver North talks about ‘the situations in Ukraine’ (America’s Forum with Bro. J.D. Hayworth) - 25/07/2014

Freemasonry Watch Blog - U.S. to Sell 14,000 TOW Missiles to Saudi ‘National Guard’ - 05/07/2014

Freemasonry Watch Blog - Syrian Army Recaptures Ancient Christian Town From Jihadis - 05/07/2014

Freemasonry Watch Blog - Press TV: O.S.C.E. likely to inflame Ukraine situation: Analyst - 05/07/2014

Freemasonry Watch Blog - VIDEO: Meet the Bro. Gregory & Ukraine ‘PM’ 07/05/14 - 05/07/2014

Freemasonry Watch Blog - Syria: The Red Line and the R.t Line, by Sermour M. Hersh - 25/04/2014

Freemasonry Watch Blog - Telegraph: Ukraine fiasco marks end of the EU’s imperial dream - 25/04/2014

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