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Two Moldovan MPs are members of a Masonic lodge

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Two Moldovan MPs are members of a Masonic lodge


Anatol Taranu, member of the Moldovan Parliament, ex-member of the "Our Moldova" Alliance parliamentary faction, declared to journalists that Serafim Urechean, chairman of the faction, and his deputy chairman Veaceslav Untila are both members of a Masonic lodge

"Both of them are masons. They are mebers of an unregistered in Moldova occult organization, which is considered to be illegal in many countries of the world ", declared Taranu.

According to the MP, Veaceslav Untila mentioned several time during private discussions about his membership in a Masonic lodge, also saying that Serafim Urechean is a member of the Lodge too.

The "Our Moldova Alliance" parliamentary faction has 13 members, out of the 101 MPs in the Moldovan Parliament, who used to be members of the Electoral Bloc "Democratic Moldova". The bloc was actively supported at the last parliamentary elections by influent Russian political forces. The head of the "Our Moldova Alliance", Serafim Urechean, had been the mayor of Kishinev (Chisinau).


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