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Orthodox Muscovites Protest Against 1917 Masonic Conspiracy

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Orthodox Muscovites Protest Against 1917 Masonic Conspiracy

March 15, 2005

Orthodox Icon of Jesus
Photo: Nicholas Danilov, MosNews.com


A religious procession, dedicated to the 88th anniversary of the Sovereign Icon of the Blessed Virgin, was held in downtown Moscow on Tuesday, RIA Novosti reports.

The march was led by members of the Orthodox Gonfalon Holders Unity, clad in black pre-revolutionary dress. They brought dozens of icons, gonfalons, wooden crosses, and old standards with double-headed eagles, and skulls and bones on them. There were also images of the Russian soldier Eugene Rodionov, who died in Chechnya “for his religion”, on some of the flags. Organizations that back Orthodox monarchy want to see Rodionov canonized.

There were about 500 people in the procession, mostly the elderly and youngsters, claiming that they advocated “Orthodox monarchy” and protesting against “antichrist globalisation” and “aggressive secularization”.

Before the procession started the leader of the the Orthodox Gonfalon Holders Unity, Leonid Simonovich, told about 300 people that the main aim of the meeting was to “glorify regal martyrs” and “assist the nation’s moral rebirth”.

He stressed the last Russian emperor Nicholas II had not abdicated his crown 88 years ago. In Simonovich’s opinion, the events of 1917 were a masonic conspiracy.

The Sovereign Icon of the Blessed Virgin was found in the church at Kolomenskoe village near Moscow on March 15, 1917 by a local woman who had seen its whereabouts in a dream. On the same day Nicholas II abdicated his crown.

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