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Russian Bishop Accuses Church Leaders of Bowing Down to State, Freemasons and Antichrist

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Russian Bishop Accuses Church Leaders of Bowing Down to State, Freemasons and Antichrist


The Bishop of the remote Russian region of Chukotka has addressed the believers with a statement in which he accused the leaders of the Russian Orthodox Church of “moving from the purity of Orthodox faith” - in particular, of making pacts with state authorities, and Ecumenical movement, which the cleric sees as a freemason conspiracy aimed at eventually imposing the rule of Antichrist.

The letter of Diomede, the Bishop of Anadyr and Chukotha, was published by the Novye Izvestia daily on Thursday. In the letter, the bishop wrote that Moscow Patriarchy was making pacts with the state, often anti-God authorities which damages the God-given freedom. He also wrote about the Church officials’ “silent approval of state policies that lead to the country’s breakup, demographical crisis and other negative consequences.”

The bishop went on to criticize the Russian Orthodox Chirch’s participation in the Ecumenical Movement. He wrote that last year’s international inter-religious summit “recognizes the world freemason government and prepares the arrival of the single world leader — the Antichrist”.

The newspaper also wrote that Bishop Diomede’s letter was passed to Russian Patriarch Alexy II, but the church leader has not read it as he was busy on the first week of the Orthodox Great Lent.

The spokesman of the Moscow Patriarchy told the Interfax news agency on Thursday that the Holy Synod will make a special statement concerning the letter. Also he said that the questions raised in the letter had been discussed in the church circles for years and that the bishop’s unawareness of this fact speaks for his ignorance only.

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