YouTube: What’s With All These TOW Missiles Anyways? (Syria, U.S.)

[Discovered removed by YouTube about Aug 7, 2017 allegedly for ‘violent’ content. (Actually more likely the multiple emotional screaming Alu Akbars by C.I.A. ‘moderate rebels’ responding to destruction of group of poor Syrian soldiers standing on a hill by their U.S. Government supplied $58,000 missile)]

Another video of U.S. supplied terrorist ‘Rebels’ using the high-tech T.O.W. missile removed by YouTube.

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Published on Nov 25, 2015

A group of Syrian Infantry troops are caught off-guard, and in the open, by a rebel TOW strike. What’s the deal with these TOWs?

It’s no secret that the American CIA has been supplying the FSA with TOW missiles. The total cost of each of these missiles from Raytheon, is a staggering $58,908.00. Over the past few months we have seen dozens of these missiles used on targets of opportunity, inside of Syria.

It isn’t possible for us, or anyone else, to get an exact number of the amount of TOW missiles supplied to rebel forces. It is currently believed, from reports in October of 2015, that over 500 TOW missiles have been used by CIA-vetted rebels.

The conditions for these TOW missiles are pretty simple. The 42 vetted groups must log each missile shot, and return the casings to the location which they received them. They log them simply by recording the shot, and then the target. A majority of these videos end up on YouTube after their submission to the CIA.

This gives the appearance that these CIA supplied TOW shots are extremely influential in the war, however that is not the case. Repeatedly, as shown in these videos, we have seen the rebels firing the TOW missiles at any target of opportunity that presents itself. Regardless if that’s an up-armored humvee, a group of infantrymen, or any SAA armor they spot.

The big picture that we aren’t seeing, is all of the SAA captured equipment that the FSA has been using. Why haven’t we been seeing it you ask? Well the answer is simple, they aren’t required to upload videos of themselves shooting Russian-made 9M113 Konkurs, 9K1152 Metis-M, 9M133 Kornet, or Chinese-made HJ-8 that they’ve secured in previous battles, because the CIA doesn’t care about the use of that equipment.

YouTube Censorship


And Again Removed by YouTube

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