VIDEO: Sandy Frost Masonic/Shriners South American Pedophilia Rings & Charity Fraud Investigations

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Published on Jun 17, 2013

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Sandy Frost of and comes on the show for the first time to reveal shocking evidence of a Pedophilia ring in South America, Brazil to be precise, Sandy also reveals her fathers membership into the Masonic society.

Sandy Frost is a one woman newsroom who specializes in investigating nonprofit corruption. Her twenty years of journalism experience includes daily news, daily copy editing, radio news, technical writing, content writing and magazine writing. Sandy began writing online twelve years ago and has transformed her digital journalism into a publishing company to release her third book, “Vampires of Charity, Secret Societies & Human Trafficking at Taxpayer Expense.” She served as a director for the Western Washington Society of Professional Journalists pro chapter, was named a 2011 SPJ Diversity Fellow while serving on the SPJ Diversity Committee and has won four SPJ awards, including two for her current investigation. She is a Navy vet who served as an electronics technician and is an original shareholder of Ahtna, Inc., an Alaska Native corporation.

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